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Who are we

Ricardo Ávila, Executive Director

Medical Doctor, with post-graduate degrees in Business Administration, Medical Audit and Strategic Marketing Management.  
His role as Executive Director of the CEMP is to build collaborative networks that contribute to the development of biotechnology| research ecosystem in Chile in the field of precision medicine.


Ricardo Armisén, Head of Research

Medical Doctor and Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences from Universidad de Chile, post- doctoral from Howard Hughes Medical Institute of New York.  
His role is to lead the research team in the design and execution of different research protocols developed by the Center. He is responsible for the Sequencing and Cell Biology Laboratories.   


Teresa Rodríguez, Clinical Operation Lead

Commercial Engineer from Universidad de Santiago de Chile and Midwife Nurse from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile.
Extensive experience in the field of clinical research, her role is the selection, qualification, initiation and supervision of research centers associated with CEMP. 


Matías Freire, NGS Lead

Engineer in Molecular Biotechnology and Master in Biological Sciences majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Neuroscience from Universidad de Chile.
His role is to coordinate research lines in Chile and Brazil associated with next generation sequencing (NGS), overseeing the research and ensuring protocol standardization to obtain bio-data from sequencing centers.      


Gonzalo Sepúlveda, Bioinformatics Lead

Bioinformatics Engineer from Universidad de Talca.
His role is to lead bioinformatics data analysis, design and implement strategies to optimize the use of bio-data, in addition to the management and supervision of the informatics infrastructure of the center.


Juanita Ubilla, Scientific Project Lead

Industrial Civil Engineer from Universidad de Chile.
Her role is to manage the administrative and financial information of the Center, setting targets to medium and long term consistent with Pfizer objectives, as well as the strategic actions required to achieve them.


Alfredo Sagredo, Researcher

Medical Technologist from Universidad de La Frontera and Ph.D in Biomedical Sciences from Universidad de Chile.
His role is to manage the cell biology laboratory and coordinate the research assistant group and advise in cell biology, molecular biology and experimental design. 


Liliana Ramos, Laboratory and Bio bank Technician

Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank Technician from Professional Institute DuocUC.
Her role is to ensure bio bank standard operating procedures; ensuring quality standards and good laboratory practices for the genomic and cell biology laboratories. 


Eduardo Sagredo, Research Assistant

Biotechnologist from Universidad de La Frontera.
He is developing his Ph.D thesis on the “Role of ADAR1 enzyme in response to the DNA damage and check points of the cell cycle in the mammary adenocarcinoma”. 


Fernanda Morales, Research Assistant

Biochemist from Universidad de Santiago de Chile
She is developing her doctoral thesis on the “role of ADAR1 in the progression of the mammary cancer through the regulation of WNT/β -catenin signaling pathway”.


Valentina Gárate, Research Assistant

Bachelor degree in Molecular Biotechnology
She is developing her Master thesis on “Genetic polymorphisms analysis of NKG2D ligands in Chilean patients with gastric cancer”.


Danny Escorihuela, Accountant Analyst

Bachelor degree in Commercial Administration from Universidad de Carabobo de Venezuela.
His role is to ensure proper control, support and traceability of the transactions carried out by the center.


Migleny Gutiérrez, Administrative Assistant

Lawyer from Universidad de Santa Maria de Venezuela.
Her role is to provide administrative support necessary for the success of research projects. Coordinate legal and regulatory support of purchase and supplies, finance and logistic processes.